Rewards come in the form of dice shards, uncut dice, items and coins.


Coins can be Earned by rolling more risky dice (dice that can fail on a one), with a noticable spike at 5 risky dice rolled marked by a golden die. Coins can also be earned by subduing monsters and by overkilling them, though the coins earned is greater on a subdue. Finally, coins can be earned from the end of quest treasure chests.

The pink gems are worth 10 coins each while the green gems are worth 25 coins each.

Dice Shards and ItemsEdit

Dice shards of all varieties as well as items can be dropped by defeated enemies, and also found at the end of missions if you open a treasure chest. They can also be found when you release a monster back into the wild. The chance of getting Dice shards from enemies can be increased by purchasing abilities from PvP#Rewards.

Uncut DiceEdit

Uncut dice can be gained at the end of missions if you open treasure chests, and also as a rare drop from killing enemies. This chance can be increased by purchasing PvP#Rewards.