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Roll The DiceEdit

Roll the dice to build up your attack power. Roll as many times as you want before pressing the attack button. However, if you roll a one the active character will skip their turn. When a character's health reaches zero they will be incapacitated. The goal of the game is to defeat all the enemy monsters before they defeat you by rolling a total value equivalent or higher than their health. If you roll over an enemy's health, the extra damage will be returned to you as health. You also get currency in the form of gold coins, purple gems, and green gems as well as the chance to get item drops, dice shard drops, and uncut dice.

Monster CatchingEdit

Catching the Monster

Monster catching is possible when there is only one enemy left in a single player battle level. To begin catching a monster simply roll the dice enough times to match their remaining health score, but it must be the exact number. As a result completing the first step in monster catching can prove to be very difficult especially when there are factors that increase your damage total as the game counts the final amount of damage you would deal including the extra damage done with the damage multiplier. If the amount required is successfully completed, a window will pop up displaying a certain amount of dice (this does not apply when catching low level monsters like Buzzo, as such monsters do not have any capture dice). These are called capture dice and for every capture dice on the screen a value of 4 is added to a total score on the top of the window. This score is the value that the player must roll with their own capture dice. If you roll a six with a capture dice you may roll it again. If the score is successfully met the monster is caught.

Monster Catcher

To make it easier to roll the amount the specific value required to complete the first step of monster catching the use of the Monster Catcher is recommended, though it does cost 250 gold to rent each quest. Later in the game the price is reduced to 226 coins through the use of a reward slot in the multiplayer battles rewards section. There is no way to buy the monster catcher. When the monster catcher is being used you are allowed to roll one over the value required. Through upgrades you can roll one more than the value required, so two for the first upgrade, three for the second, and so on. The first upgrade costs 500 gold, the second costs 1000 gold, and so on.

Catcher Level Upgrade Cost (coins) Roll Over Limit
0 N/A 0
1 500 1
2 1.000 2
3 2.000 3
4 4.000 4
5 7.000 5
6 11.000 6
7 16.000 7
8 22.000 8
9 29.000 9
10 37.000 10
11 46.000 11
12 56.000 12
13 67.000 13
14 79.000 14
15 92.000 15
16 106.000 16
17 121.000 17
18 137.000 18
19 154.000 19
20 172.000 20
21 191.000 21
22 221.000 22
23 232.000 23
24 254.000 24
25 277.000 25
26 301.000 26
27 326.000 27
28 352.000 28
29 379.000 29
30 407.000 30
31 436.000 31
32 466.000 32
33 497.000 33
34 529.000 34
35 562.000 35
36 596.000 36
37 631.000 37
38 704.000 38
39 742.000 39
40 781.000 40

Capture Dice

The second step of catching a monster can be either the hardest or easiest step, however it is the final step. If a monster only has three capture dice while you have twelve then you will win easily, however if the monster has 126 capture dice and you only have twelve capture dice your loss is almost guaranteed. Therefore you need to make more capture dice to increase your chances of winning by the use of the capture dice building at the very top right in the town screen. One capture die takes one die shard to make so making them is not difficult. Every time the player or a pet levels up they can store an additional two capture dice.

Dice CraftingEdit

Dice crafting is done at the first building you unlock (the middle top one in the town with the yellow roof). You unlock die recipes by leveling up and visiting the dice crafting building. The higher level you achieve the unlock a die recipe the better the die will be. Crafting a die requires dice shards which can be found in chests and dropped by monsters.

Dice SmashingEdit

One of the ways to use uncut dice is to smash them to turn them into dice shards. The second building on the top row of building's is the uncut dice smashing facility where you can smash up to 10 uncut dice at a time. The more uncut dice you smash at once the higher the chance to get rare and ultra shards.


Town Shop

There are currently two shops in Tiny Dice Dungeon. The first shop can be found in the town where it sells phoenix ups which allow you to revive your dead pets or hero. It also allows you to upgrade  your phoenix ups and monster catcher with gold. The first upgrade costs 500 gold, the second upgrade costs 1000 gold, the third upgrade costs 2000 gold, and so on doubling in cost each time.

Train Shop

The second shop can be found in the train just before you enter a quest. Unlike the first shop this one offers a wider selection of items however they all are one time use only. Aside from offering the phoenix ups and upgrades for the phoenix ups and monster catcher (thus rendering the shop in the town practically useless) it also provides the XP Shield, XP Focus, Monster Catcher, and XP Boost.

Shop Uses

The two shops provides a total of six things the player can buy: the Phoenix Ups Upgrade, Monster Catcher upgrade, Monster Catcher, Phoenix Up, XP Shield, XP Focus, and XP Boost. The Phoenix Up allows the player to revive their pet/hero when they die restoring 50 health (the amount of health restored is increased by 25 each upgrade). The Monster catcher allows the player to catch monsters with more ease (see Monster Catching for more info). The XP Shield allows the player's pets to gain XP even if they were slain in the quest. The XP Focus gives all the XP earned by all the player's pets and hero to the pet with the lowest level. Finally the XP Boosts boosts the amount of XP the player gets from a quest. You can buy a small XP Boost (150% XP gained) after that buying the XP boost again results in gaining a medium XP Boost (200% XP gained) and finally after buying the XP Boost again the player gains a large XP Boost (300% XP gained).



Items are an obtainable object in the game that increase or decrease the damage and health multiplier for specific element types. For example the Gold Ring of The Warrior (a very rare item in the game) grants all heroes and pets an additional 10% resistance to incoming normal attacks and an additional 100% multiplier to all normal type heroes and pets.

Obtaining an Item

There are currently two methods of obtaining items. The first method being dealing more damage to an enemy than required to kill it causing items to drop on rare occasions. The second method of obtaining items is a more tedious yet more rewarding process. The player must complete any quest with at least one bar of stamina left and once the player has done so they will be directed to an area with an amount of chests. The player may then open any one chest at random and hope to get an item. This also has its risks since the player can also get gold, dice shards, and uncut dice instead of items and even if the player gets an item it may be an undesirable one. To increase the chance of finding a rarer, and therefore stronger, item would be to destroy the weaker chests with gold. Keep in mind though that this does not eliminate the chance to get undesired items completely as well as gold, dice shards, and uncut dice.

Risky DiceEdit

Risky Dice are dice that can roll a '1'. Rolling a '1' ends your current attack.

Fast ForwardEdit

Fast forwarding can be done in battle by pressing the "play" button in the top right, or by pausing to the menu and changing the speed. The speed increase only affects the enemies turn, allowing you to go about the battle at your own pace. To disable this, pause to the menu and change the speed.

Collecting CoinsEdit

Coins are used primarily to buy Phoenix Ups and to upgrade your Phoenix Ups and Monster catcher. You can collect coins from every monster you kill by rolling more than the amount needed to kill him. In addition, every time you roll a dice than could end the turn with a 1, a small dice appears on the left side of the screen. Once you end the turn, these will be converted into coins on the right side of the screen if it's the final blow, and on the left side every other time. Coins can also be collected from chests at the end of every level if you have enough stamina, and as a prize wheel prize after a multiplayer match.

Phoenix UpsEdit

If any character is defeated in combat you can use a Phoenix Up to revive them instantly. The amount of heal points (HP) they are revived is set by the Phoenix Up Level (a separate upgrade). Buy as many as you want so you have them when you need them.

Phoenix Up LevelEdit

Upgrade this so that you get more starting health when reviving using a phoenix up. This is a permanent upgrade and must be used with the phoenix up items.

Phoenix Up Level Upgrade Cost (coins) HP Recovered
0 N/A 25
1 500 50
2 1.000 75
3 2.000 100
4 4.000 125
5 6.000 150
6 8.000 175
7 10.000 200
8 12.000 225
9 14.000 250
10 16.000 275
11 18.000 300
12 20.000 325
13 22.000 350
14 24.000 375
15 26.000 400
16 28.000 425
17 30.000 450
18 32.000 475
19 34.000 500
20 36.000 525
21 38.000 550
22 40.000 575
23 42.000 600
24 44.000 625
25 46.000 650
26 48.000 675
27 50.000 700
28 52.000 725
29 54.000 750
30 56.000 775
31 58.000 800
32 60.000 825
33 62.000 850
34 64.000 875
35 66.000 900
36 68.000 925
37 70.000 950
38 72.000 975
39 74.000 1000
40 76.000 1025


You've played paper, rock, scissors... right? Well Tiny Dice Dungeon features powerful dice that have a similar effect. Water gets bonus damage over Fire, Forest gets bonus damage over Water, and Fire does bonus damage on Forest. Many monsters throughout the world are linked to these elements, so plan your dice and your monster party accordingly. Refer to the Damage Multiplier in the upper right for reference.


The base element, this deals plain damage. Neutral Attacks are consistent across all monster types. It is slightly more difficult for neutral characters to defend against poison.


The burning element, this deals fire damage. Fire attacks do double damage against forest monsters, but only half damage against water.


The wet element, this deals water damage. Water attacks do double damage against fire monsters, but only half damage against forest.


The forest element, this deals forest damage. Forest attacks do double damage against water monsters, but only half damage against fire.


The sickening element, this deals poison damage which continues to deal damage for a period of time. It deals the Poison Damage equal to the Poison Mark and after that turn the Poison Mark goes half and deal damage on next turn and so on until it goes 0. Each new attack adds more Poison on Poison Mark counter. The Poison will go down faster if damaging elemental monsters, all of them have 20% Poison Resistance (Example: if a Neutral Monster gets 80 Poison Mark, it will take 80 damage and the mark will go down to 40, but to an Elemental Monster it will take 80 damage but the Mark will go to 32 (20% of 40 = 8)).Poison will be cured after completing each "stage" on a quest.


The healing element, this is the only way to heal besides completing a quest or overkilling an enemy.

Damage MultiplierEdit

Certain elemental dice and certain items change the amount of damage you do in any given situation. For instance, a Water Dice is super effective against a Fire Monster, and will do extra damage. Keep an eye on the meter in the upper right hand corner to learn how much damage you're going to do against any given enemy.

Trophy DiceEdit

Everyone can capture monsters and win a few battles, but who's the best of the best? Once you're ready, step into the Multiplayer Arena to compete with real players for who's the best of the best. When you win a battle, you win Trophy Dice. And the more Trophy Dice you have, the higher you'll climb in the leaderboards and the more fame you'll gain. Do you have what it takes to be the best in the world? To win the most Trophy Dice from your enemies, you must crack their treasure chests by breaking the locks. Good luck!


During a multi-player battle, you'll see four mini-quests at the bottom of the screen. By accomplishing these tasks, you'll break the locks on your enemy's Dice Chest. Crack that chest open and you can win more Trophy Dice than you would be simply destroying them. Frustrated by the lineup of mini-quests? You can spend Uncut Dice to refresh them and get new options. This is about total domination. Go forth and battle!

Revenge BattlesEdit

Sooner or later, someone's going to beat you. When they do, they run off with your Trophy Dice. But don't worry. You'll get a notification that your Trophy Dice have been stolen, and you'll get the opportunity to get your Revenge (and your Dice). When someone's taken your dice, look for the Revenge button in the battle listings.