This is the area to go to when you want to battle other players. There are no unique monsters here, but if a player has a monster that you have not seen, it will get added to the monsters you have seen.

How to PVP: Before you enter the Kingdom of Courage, set up your team because you cannot change them once you enter. Then select your character (if you have multiple characters unlocked), and select "begin combat." The game will randomly find another player to pit you against. This person is not playing against you live. You will have a chance to steal some number of "trophy dice" which is another form of currency in the game. It is only used in PVP and allows you to unlock a reward table by holding a certain number of trophy dice.

It's not as simple as just knocking out the other player - you have to unlock the locks on their treasure chest to get those dice! The game will generate some challenges for you. You will have to complete a specified number of them. Every time you complete one, a new one will be generated in its place.

There are seven types of challenges:

  • Greater than X roll 
  • Less than X roll
  • Exactly X roll
  • More than X roll
  • Roll a double
  • Fail a roll
  • Roll n x N's (i.e. = Roll 3 x 4's - does not have to be done in one roll)

If you roll a 1 and fail the roll, the challenge or part of the challenge will not count as being complete (except in the case of "fail a roll" challenge). If your adventurer dies, the whole PVP attempt will be over.

Once you win, you will get some number of trophy dice based on how many trophy dice your opponent had.

Your trophy dice is now at risk to be stolen by someone else! Some portion of your dice will be "frozen" from theft - starting at 70%. You can spend uncut dice to freeze more at a rate of 1 uncut per trophy die (this is probably a waste because it is not hard to acquire trophy dice and it is expensive and hard to acquire uncut dice). They will thaw out if you do not PVP continually at a rate that changes based on how many you have - X dice per N hours.

If someone does steal your dice, you have 24 hours to steal them back. Instead of clicking "random opponent" at the top of the screen, you can click the big red R on the right side next to the opponent who stolen your dice. If the dice they stole have already been stolen from them, the insurance dog will protect you and you will get them back if you win the battle.

What's the point of PVP battles? The PVP Rewards.