The Dark Tower

Player has conquered the Dark Tower.

Dark Tower is an end-game special location with 50 floors for players to acquire stickers. Unlike other locations, Dark Tower doesn't have any random encounters - each floor is guarded by a boss. At the start of dungeon and each five floors player is allowed to access a sticker machine and choose ability that will help him to go further for leveling up.

When transiting to battle, player will be unable to purchase EXP boosts, EXP shield, EXP focus or rent a monster capture device. Additionally, player can't choose a starting hero - all heroes will participate in battles, starting from Adventurer, then, if unlocked Wizard, Ninja and finishing with Hunter. If active hero dies in battle, his place is taken by next hero in queue, boss' HP are not replenished and all selected abilities applied as if battle began from the start.

If player decides to quit in the middle of tower climb, he will be able to begin again from the last time, he used a capsule machine (floors 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45). After player reaches the top of Dark Tower, he can use the ultimate capsule machine to acquire a rare sticker and start the climb again.

Abilities Edit

Capsule machines

All types of capsule machines, found in Dark Tower.

Each ability has 4 levels. When players chooses an ability, it gains a level up.

Ability list:

  • Block all incoming non poison attacks, reducing the damage by (Level 1 - 25%, Level 2 - 30%, Level 3 - 35%, Level 4 - 40%).
  • There will be a (Level 1 - 10%, Level 2 - 20%, Level 3 - 25%, Level 4 - 30%) chance of a monster missing a turn.
  • At the start of each floor your health will be restored with (Level 1 - 400, Level 2 - 500, Level 3 - 600, Level 4 - 700) extra hit points.
  • At the start of each round perform a critical strike, removing (Level 1 - 10%, Level 2 - 20%, Level 3 - 30%, Level 4 - 40%) of enemy's total HP.

Strategy Edit

Tower climb complete

After completing the tower climb, game shows the amount of floors climbed.

It's best to level up party to ~35 level. Players with lower leveled parties are still able to go through several floors but should be prepared to death beyond.

After that, strategy depends on actions before entering the tower. If party is low level and player has reasonable amount of Phoenix Ups, it's best to choose a White Breeze ability, which heals party after each battle and then choose missing turn ability that will reduce the amount of damage. Players, who decide to go offensive, should consider taking missing turn ability first and then level up critical strike which can deal to 10 thousand damage on highest floors if leveled up completely.

It goes without saying, but best accessories, especially ones that protect from poison are must for a smooth climb.

Trivia Edit

  • Critical strike ability is a reference to a popular meme of Giant Enemy Crab and Massive Damage.
  • HP restoration ability is a reference to Final Fantasy series. Several games from Final Fantasy franchise have s special Blue Magic spell, called White Wind, which heals party for a certain amount of HP (usually, set by a special formula).
  • Attack blocking ability has tetris shapes on it's icon.